so close but yet so far

i can remember it like it was yesterday. I was in a packed pub (The Tollgate) on a wet summers night in Coventry, England. We got to the pub early to start drinking a few beers to ease those pre match nerves. We had the typical “three lions” song to sing along with over the loudspeaker right before kick off… then it was on. after a rollacoaster opening 15 minutes something happened that ill probably never witness again in my life time. An 18 year old wonderkid scored one of the greatest goals in World Cup history… and he just so happened to be representing my country against one of our biggest rivals… you cant get much better than this. The place went crazy, i spilt half my beer, had someones beer spilt all over me, and felt like i had just won a million pounds.. one of the greatest moments of my life and from that moment on Michael Owen gave England fans something we’d been missing since the days of Gary Lineker. 

Its hard to pick a favourite memory from his England career.. but ill give you my two favourites!

– World Cup 2nd Round: France ’98 | vs Argentina
  The intro of this blog speaks for itself.


– World Cup Qualifier, ’01 Munich | vs Germany
  Germany away is always going to be a great game. but at the time we were not in great shape in the group and in our last qualifier we needed a last second goal from Beckham vs Greece to automatically qualify for the ’02 World Cup






busted stuff

the first on my tour of dmb albums. i’ve been on their bandwagon since 2004 but have been occupied with their live shows that i couldn’t place a song to an album but i could place a song to various shows. I’ve never followed an artist this way.. kinda neat. I’m now half way through the 3rd repeat of the album tonight, and I’m itching to pick up my guitar! its hard to be able to appreciate daves guitar in live shows unless you’re up close.. alot gets lost on the way to my ears on the lawn, or i’m going deaf.. but busted stuff is very well produced (Stephen Harris/John Nelson/John Alagia/Ted Jensen) capturing a true album feel.. with many strong tracks that knit together beauitfully. this could easily be my favorite album.. we shall see how often i repeat those words 🙂

I hate picking favorite movies.. shows.. songs.. when i love something its hard to single out one thing that i love most. But.. ill compromise… a few words on each track;

– busted stuff
catchy. groovy. feel good. perfect opener.

– grey street
one of my favoritue songs placed into an album. weird. picks up where busted stuff left off.. adding energy and emotion.

– where are you going
im not crazy about this song, so I’m naturally brought down at this point.

– you never know
bridges from grey street. great melody. great message.

– captain
a true artist knows the direction to take their audience. the captain re directs the albums to what feels like a progressive pace and brings a deeper vibe

– raven
great mid way point for the album with a fantastic verse and violin solo from boyyd & leroi

– grace is gone
another one of my favorites. simple. beautiful. tragic. we’ve all been there. very fitting for this albums history.

– kit kat jam
average with a very trippy beatles feel bridge that keeps me interested.

– digging a ditch
the calm before the storm. bringing the vibe a little darker and relaxed.

– big eyed fish
– sealing the album together. dark. twisty. edgy. hopeful. beautiful melody. great vocals. my favorite track of the album

– bartender
woven together with big eyed fish making them feel like siblings. awesome. taking us up to the peak and winding us back down slowly.

the dave matthews band - 2002

the artist

i’m thinking im going to ramble on about people i admire quite a bit.. today is the birthday of my favorite artist. ive had a few idols in the music world in my time.. from Guns’n’Roses and Oasis to a host of electronic artists.. but the only one to stand the test of time is Dave Matthews. not only is he a great artist; singer, songwriter, musician comedian, actor, painter – the definition of an artist.. more importantly he is a great person who loves life and the world… thats what it’s all about. I couldn’t pick a favourite song.. i could possible give you a top 20 but in no particular order.. maybe. i can just about remember how many times ive seen him live and i can remember each show.. each one of them unique and special in its way. a few times a year i will go on a dave kick and listen to nothing but dmb for a month… i think it’s that time of year again! no joke.. i’ve listened to #40 on repeat for two days straight on my drive home from work!

happy birthday dave – eat, drink, and be merry 


Tables turned again
And you, my friend
You and I face each other
All time and time out
I know it’s sometimes hard
But knowing just, oh
That we will get along
‘Til we are old and gray
And huddled up
And doubled up, we’ll sit
And laugh of times were hard
Laugh of times when we thought all it would end
it all was over, then again
And to leave you
Well, I’ll die
Oh, my friend
It will be you until the end with me always
Well, Always


i took this photo!